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BLUE CRANE – Fly with us.

BLUE CRANEBerend Lange works internationally as a Copywriter, Translator and Marketing Consultant to develop Public Relations with businesses that have something to say – in English and in German, anywhere in the world. He provides value to clients by writing effective text to promote their business, on the Internet and in print.

BLUE CRANE is all about growth, in business and life – sustained success in business cannot be achieved without growing as a person. Berend offers encouragent, advice and a fresh perspective on how to overcome the challenges we face. “You can be, do and have anything you want” – this is his credo.

With his eNewsletter COMPASS he keeps subscribers in touch with Personal Growth and displays his copywriting skills with inspirational articles. After 22 years as a German expatriate in South Africa, Berend has now returned to Europe and settled in Austria. 

That’s why there is a German eNewsletter KOMPASS now, as well. You’ll find it under Categories : KOMPASS Deutsch on this Blog, or you can subscribe to it separately here.

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Berend Lange arbeitet international als Texter/Copywriter, Übersetzer und Marketing Berater für Firmen, die etwas zu sagen haben. Er entwickelt und verbessert ihre Öffentlichkeitsarbeit – weltweit, auf Englisch und auf Deutsch. Wirkungsvoller Text fördert Ihr Geschäft, im Internet und in Druck.


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