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Discover the Best Activities on Each Day of the Week

eBook The REAL Facts of LifeWould you like to know what activities work out best for you on certain days of the week?

Surely you have noticed that on some days of the week, certain endeavours seem to work out better than on other days. You probably never told anyone about your suspicions, but this is not weird at all – in fact this phenomenon has been known for thousands of years.

I call it “The Quality of Time” and most of us have largely forgotten about it – we know the other aspect, the “Quantity of Time” much better, mainly because we think that we never have enough of it. It would go too far to explain the whole background here, but I wrote a chapter about it in my eBook “The REAL Facts of Life”.

What I am telling you is that each day of the week definitely has a certain unique quality to it, and is even named for this quality, although we don’t always see the correlation in modern-day English. The Greeks and ancient Romans assigned the same characteristics to the planets of our solar system.

How does this knowledge benefit us in the 21st century? Simply, some days are more conducive to certain activities than others – find out below why you should schedule important meetings for Wednesdays if you can, be careful at parties on Thursdays and why things often don’t go your way on Saturdays.

I have consciously applied this “Quality of the Day” – system for a long time. The days of the week are marked accordingly on my calendar in the computer and I plan conducive activities whenever I can.

Monday : Emotion
Monday is easily recognizable as Moon-day. As the ruler of the tides, the moon represents our emotions which have long been portrayed in terms of the sea. Do still waters run deep? Are you making waves? Mood-swings, instinct, how we feel about things and the way our feelings affect others are all highlighted on Mondays. They also help us see intuitively what we wish for in life. We are up and down, naughty or nice, laugh or cry – moods change as swiftly as the moon circles our planet.

Tuesday : Action
Mars (French ‘Mardi’) was the Roman god of war, and the Red Planet can be fiery and violent, daring and fearless. This energy wants the powerful and confident expression of the individual. Passion, determination, ambition, competition, achievement, courage, honour, stamina, accidents – Tuesdays forcefully command you to stand up, be noticed and get things done in an either constructive or destructive way.

Wednesday : Communication
Wednesday is ‘Mercredi’ in French. Mercury was the Roman god of trade, commerce and profit – and the winged messenger from the gods. Whether the news was good or bad, he needed a quick wit, think logically on the run and weigh possibilities after hearing opinions and reasons. Rationalize and communicate, perceive, speak up, negotiate and get answers – our intellect, awareness and logic is needed here. Move from one thing to the next in short trips – Wednesdays prompt us to express ourselves often and well. Visiting neighbours, the workday commute and a weekend getaway are all in Mercury’s realm, as well as writing, books, eMail and learning.

Thursday : Growth
In German mythology, Thor was the red-haired and bearded god of thunder, much like Jupiter in Roman times. His lightning bolts remind us of his supreme power, but besides being judge and jury he was mostly a kind and benevolent helper to keep mankind on the right path. Thursdays lord over ideology and philosophy and compel us to assess our ethical and moral values. Everything about Jupiter is larger than life. Grand ideas, luck and great fortune are associated with Thursdays who want us to grow and flourish. Optimism, success, accomplishments and prosperity symbolize this magnanimous energy – but we easily tend to overdo things on Thursdays : work too long, party too much, even spend too much time on going the extra mile.

Friday : Pleasure
Venus, or Freya, is the symbol of beauty, love, romance, harmony and pleasure for us. Socializing and relating to others in friendship, marriage and business partnership is important today. Fridays invite us to indulge our senses in aesthetic circumstances like the arts and seek the beauty of our world, teaching us to appreciate others and the things we possess. We take an interest in luxuries, good food and drink, a beautiful home and generally in spreading happiness through refinement, culture, charm and grace. A good day to be attractive and attract others by rewarding them, and yourself.

Saturday : Discipline
Saturn was the god of time, and he didn’t make things easy. The big teacher demands discipline and responsibility in learning life’s lessons and wants us to work hard at managing them. Limitations, delays and restrictions play a big role on Saturdays – is there enough time to do everything we want to do? The majesty of older age also brings with it a sense of tradition, conventionality and wisdom – it challenges habits that have stood the test of time. Structure, experience and authority are important concerns on Saturdays, and perseverance is applauded.

Sunday : Your-Self
The sun is the centre of our world, its energy is forceful and gives us light and life. Everything revolves around it and therefore it represents the Self, as well as our personality, ego, spirit and everything that makes us unique as individuals. Our true identity and our face to the world both speak of creativity, the will to manifest our ideas and the strength to successfully meet our challenges in life. Our sense of health and well-being is closest to us on Sundays, so do what you really feel like doing.

Try it out, you’ll be surprised how well it works!

Until next time, all the best from : Berend


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