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Are you doing life, or is life doing you?

Higher AwarenessWhen we are not aware of who we are, we move through life on auto-pilot. We live by habit, reacting unconsciously to people and events around us. We generally let others tell us what to do.

When we discover how to be aware and conscious, we take charge. We live with purpose and meaning. We open to the gifts in every moment. We uncover our innate inner wisdom – the imagination, creativity and intuition that already lie inside us!

I have taken these two paragraphs straight from John and Patrice Robson’s HigherAwareness website because they reflect my sentiments exactly. To some of you it may sound like trivial wisdom because we have heard it so often – but it really is one of the most fundamental truths.

To drive that message home and really make it sink into human minds has been the goal of every philosopher for thousands of years. And to take charge of our lives is one of the most prominent advice given even in our modern, materialistically orientated times.

So read those lines again and spend a few minutes thinking about your life and who you really are. Then go to the HigherAwareness website and subscribe to their Inner Journey eNewsletter – that’s what I’ve been doing a year ago and the inspirational messages have often saved my day.

But there is much more to discover about John and Patrice’s work : they live in Edmonton/Canada, have vast experience in self improvement and are deeply committed to help people change.

The first thing I did after reading their home page is take the KNOW YOURSELF QUIZ : it is amazing what you can find out about yourself by just answering a few well directed questions!

This will lead you organically to one or more of their 18 workbooks and programs best suited for your situation with plenty of tools, references and email support : you are never left alone with your questions. These courses can be ordered and taken online, and best of all : they are yours forever and you can take them over and over again.

Since personal growth is a life-long journey, it makes sense that every time you go through a development program, the results will be different as you address your challenges and make progress.

I have not taken any of the Higher Awareness Collection programs yet but I will very soon and let you know. In the meantime please check it out for yourself and see whether this can help you get ahead – I think there is something for everybody.

Until next time, all the best from : Berend


Friday, 21 July 2006 - Posted by | 1. COMPASS eNewsletter

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