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Robert Ringer – A Voice of Sanity in an Insane World

The Tortoise - Robert Ringer's alter egoI think it is time to introduce you to Robert Ringer – who describes his opinions as “A Voice of Sanity in an Insane World”. I have been reading his eNewsletters for about a year now and in my view he is right on both counts : the world we have created is insane in many repects, and voices of sanity are needed – the more the better.

Robert Ringer is a highly acclaimed American speaker and author of #1 best-selling motivational books – one of them is entitled “To Be or Not to Be Intimidated”. “His astute observations of how the world works have helped millions of salespeople, entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate executives, and individuals in all walks of life to achieve their personal and professional goals.”

You know me : that’s exactly the kind of stuff I like – controversial at times, but an honest and straight forward opinion of a man who is not afraid to step on some toes occasionally. Very well informed, on the ball and intelligent writing that really makes a difference.

Listen to this, on one of his Core Beliefs on Western Civilization and very relevant for our South African society today :

“Millions of Americans have bought into the big lie that diversity is what makes our country great. But the truth of the matter is that diversity is not a strength; it’s a weakness. This is so self-evident that I am tempted to posit it as an axiom.

History makes it clear that diversity is not a helpful ingredient for keeping a civilization intact. Diversity has always proven to be a divider of people. It’s important to point out here that diversity has nothing whatsoever to do with skin color, but everything to do with culture.”

I can hear some of you moaning in anguish because this is not politically correct, but do yourself a favour and read the whole essay – I promise you food for thought in COMPASS, don’t I? This is it.

He continues a bit later, and again not only South Africa should take careful note :

“Plain and simple, no civilization can continue to exist, let alone flourish, without a moral foundation that is not only clearly understood, but accepted and practiced by a large majority of its citizens. To employ a parody, the barbarians are not at the gates; they are inside the gates.”

Whether you want to keep or transform a culture, in both cases this is powerful information!

But don’t worry, there’s humour as well – see his page called Deportation Crimes for example, where he lists 18 common “Crimes Against Humanity”. Here are three :

1. Playing a car radio loud enough for anyone outside the car to hear it.

4. Fast-food employees handling money, then touching food.

16. Driving a 4×4 with tires that look they belong on a 747 aircraft.

I think we can relate to that; seriously, if you want to read something refreshingly different to adjust your perspective on a regular basis, go to his Article Archive and subscribe to his eNewsletter on any of his pages.

Until next time, all the best from : Berend


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  1. Barack Obama is from my native Chicago and for the last 15 years he was quiet and under the radar. He did nothing but stir up trouble here and there. He nearly never made the major papers. He was a follower. Business men and women are not stupid. If the government keeps taking these smart people will find ways around it. If government wants to make a businessman buy health care for his 26 employees, all the businessman will do is fire all his employees and make them open their own businesses and he will sub them work as sub-contractors. In the end it will be the little guy who will have to fund all these government mandates. The Republicans are being coy right now, but I hope they get a super, super majority in 2010 and 2012 to reverse this crap. It can and might happen. Instead of a new GOP 60 40 senate rout, it is highly possible for a lot more than in order to turn the tide of this socialist demand that is running us. If the Marxists take over (and I believe they wont) then there will be an underground economy and government will starve, but then we will become like the old Soviet Union. This is all too much really. Mr. Ringer, thank you for helping me see the ways to change my life. I am writing books and blogs about how others can find recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol. With addiction, there is no one single person who helps an addict quit, but there are all players along the way who assist. In my life, you mr. Ringer helped me to understand how to get my finances and my life in order. Your perspective helped open my eyes. I love your theories, you have been a profound influence on me. And things are going good and getting better very rapidly for me now. It is really nice to be able to say that too. And I did it by thinking long term and keeping focused, even at the price of having to avoid serious relationships with women along the way. They would have only dragged me down and robbed me of energy to focus on succeeding. And every time I avoided getting into a relationship with a pretty girl I thought of what you said about “price paying”. And I was not going to pay the price of having to support a family on penny’s, when if I waited I could start a family and build it with real money and real happiness. So much I could say to you, but thank you.Thanks! John Carcerano

    Comment by johncarcerano | Saturday, 2 January 2010 | Reply

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