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Philip Humbert – Tips on Sunday Mornings

Philip HumbertIs there a favourite routine that you look forward to on Sunday mornings? I have two : watching the sun rise with a cup of tea in my hand here at the tip of Africa, and reading Philip Humbert’s eNewsletter TIPS a bit later.

Philip lives in Oregon/USA and is a a speaker, author and personal success coach. That means he helps people to achieve their goals, build their businesses, live their dreams and have fun – and he really enjoys doing that. I can tell, because in all these years I have never read a single word from him that is not inspirational.

Today I realise that he has been a role model for me and the similarities in our lifestyles are astonishing, down to his cat keeping him company when he works at home. He says that he has never “worked” in his life, though, because he’s got a job that he loves – I know exactly what he means, having raced in the corporate world until recently.

Nevertheless, he has been very successful in extending his reach earlier this year by teaming up with Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Michael Angier, Vic Johnson and others for a series of one-day seminars called “Claim Your Power Now!” all over the USA.

Philip Humbert knows that every individual deserves and has the power to live a great life. Nobody stands in your way, except yourself ! That’s why, every year in May, he also organises his own three-day “World Class Life” conference in Wisconsin.

It is designed to help each participant break through his own barriers, see new possibilities and develop elegant and effective strategies to create the life they truly want. Isn’t this anyone’s top priority? It certainly is mine, and to attend his conference next year is very high up on my list of personal goals.

In the meantime, though, I can only recommend that you go to his website and also subscribe to his weekly eNewsletter TIPS. Just look at his TIPS-archive : going back to July 2002, you’ll find plenty of his really helpful articles on any imaginable subject for personal growth and success.

From there it is easy to explore his pages for tapes and eBooks, a bookstore, and especially his own “Top 10” – lists : great stuff for an organised approach to overcome almost any obstacle hampering your progress in life and business.

A bit of introspection and food for thought helps any day, not just on Sundays. I wouldn’t be surprised if Philip Humbert’s contributions to personal and professional self development also became your favourites very soon.

Until next time, all the best from : Berend


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