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Berend LangeSurprised to see COMPASS in your inbox again ? Yes, I know – you haven’t received it for a while. I apologize. Many subscribers have contacted me over the last few months and enquired whether I was still alive : I am, and kicking, may be a bit too much of the latter since the beginning of this year.

There were some gaps in my work, though – I have used them to completely rebuild my BLUE CRANE website. It is more informative than ever, solely about personal growth and I’d like to invite you to take a look around there : please follow this link or click on the header image.

A lot of things have happened recently and I have discovered some exciting new sources for self improvement. One of the most fascinating revelations for me is Steve Pavlina’s blog : I’ll introduce you to his work next week, an extremely informative collection of articles from a brilliant man in Las Vegas who is totally committed to exploring the boundaries of his human potential.

Speaking about potential : you must have noticed that the commodity markets for oil, gold and other raw materials have started a dramatic upward trend earlier this year. It made me wonder what the most valuable commodity in the world actually is – is it platinum around US$1300 an ounce, or diamonds ? What is it that determines their value ? Why is lead so much cheaper than copper ?

We perceive some things to be in short supply, of others we think there is more than we need. US$650 for an ounce of gold is a lot of money, but many are prepared to pay that because they think it’s worth it, and the price may be even higher in future.

Personally, I believe that the most valuable commodity in the world is information. Knowledge is power. If we didn’t know what to do with gold, why would we pay so much for it ? Without relevant information, nothing is worth anything. Learning from others, and learning from the past, in my view is the most rewarding pursuit we can engage in – world leaders and successful people in general have always built on the experience of others.

In comparison to precious metals, information has always come cheap. There is no charge for good advice from family, friends and colleagues; we easily part with a few bucks for a good book. Sometimes we hire a specialist to help us with something we don’t know how to do ourselves; conversely, we often pay a high price for making mistakes that set us back for years because we didn’t know better.

Today, the Internet is the most comprehensive source of information mankind has ever had access to. The vast majority of this enormous amount of data is still virtually free of charge, although the wheat is slowly separating from the chaff with more and more research results, white papers and special reports being charged for.

With good reason : valuable information can be applied for benefit, most of the other kind is useless, if not even detrimental sometimes. Mind you, having a good laugh at least once a day is very beneficial, too.

But more than ever, we must choose what we want to know by filtering out the useless to find the best information available – when it comes to personal growth and self improvement, that’s exactly what I do for you in COMPASS. There are limits to what we know, and we can only spend so much time on finding what is beneficial for our particular situation at any point in time.

The benefits of learning how to improve ourselves are massive, this kind of information is never wasted or outdated. Knowing yourself is never detrimental. I hope that you will continue to trust my judgment and explore to the best of your abilities what I can find for us to grow as human beings.

So please feel free to browse my new BLUE CRANE website, and you might as well renew your subscription for COMPASS while you are there : that way you can download my award-winning article BEGINNING OF A JOURNEY as a Thank You gift.

Don’t worry, my system doesn’t allow double-registration, so you won’t get COMPASS twice at the same address, but it would help me to stay up to date with the mailing list.

Until next time, all the best from : Berend


Friday, 2 June 2006 - Posted by | 1. COMPASS eNewsletter, 5. BLUE CRANE Partners

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